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Designing a family of line inspection systems from the pedestrian to the manned helicopter

26 May 2011by admin
by J. Gomes Mota, Albatroz Engenharia
article in Portuguese presented at XIV ERIAC – XIV Encontro Região Ibero-Americana do CIGRÉ, Ciudad del Este, Paraguai, 22 a 26 de May, 2011


The diversity of overhead power lines requiring inspection has justified the creation of a family of solutions integrating the several inspection functions and allowing the design of a technically effective and economically efficient system for each type of network.

The article begins with a brief illustration of the market from the point of view of systems engineering and with the description of each of the inspection functions and their critical points in the design: visual inspection, registration of images, thermography, ultraviolet and vegetation. The main section presents the process of designing of the inspection systems from the point of view of the electrical company, followed by references to systems mounted on manned, unmanned or  ground  vehicles, or even without a vehicle.

Emphasis is placed on the impact of the human factor on design, on the need to look at inspection as part of a global exploration cycle that includes maintenance and auditing, aviation safety and the impact of inspection on the environment and neighbouring populations.



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