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Environmental Characterization of the Portuguese transmission network from data of line inspection

26 May 2011by admin
by F. Azevedo¹’², J. Gomes-Mota², L. Campos Pinto³, J. Casaca³; CENTRIA Universidade Nova de Lisboa¹, Albatroz Engenharia², REN – Redes Elétrica Nacional²
article in Português presented on XIV ERIAC – XIV Encontro Região Ibero-Americana do CIGRÉ, Ciudad del Este, Paraguai, 22 a 26 de May, 2011,


In order to compare the efficiency of the exploration with similar companies, REN, the Portuguese Transmission System Operator (TSO), uses ITOMS, a methodology that requires the environmental characterisation of the lands crossed by the power lines. In the past, REN has used environmental characterisation methods but, for the 2008 and 2009 campaign, REN has decided to make an exhaustive characterisation of the National Transmission Grid (NTG), span to span, thanks to the new line inspection technologies that include distance measurement and three-dimensional characterisation of the right-of-way.

Indices of urbanisation and vegetation growth were calculated by automatic processing of the three-dimensional data collected with LiDAR, followed by a review by human supervision supported by video inspections and geographic information systems. The growth models were validated by a comparative analysis of inspections in successive years (2008-09). In 2010 we also initiate studies to include the effect of birds, especially storks that nest in the line supports, in the environmental characterisation of the NTG range which, combined with other elements of vegetation maintenance and grid exploration, allows the creation of models of to optimise the exploitation of the NTG.



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