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Inspection data analysis with LiDAR to calculate the rate of approach of vegetation to airlines

1 May 2015by admin
by R. Lopes¹, S. Cordeiro¹, J. Gomes-Mota¹, F. Azevedo²; Albatroz Engenharia¹, Universidade Nova de Lisboa²
presented at the symposium IT4Energy, Lisboa, April 2015.


Environmental factors are responsible for most of the over-head lines issues, and a significant part of them is related with vegetation, mostly on dis-tribution grids. Maintenance is the key to reduce the occurrence of vegetation related events, but it has a significant impact on the cost of power line asset management and thus must be optimized. This work proposes a method to cal-culate vegetation approximation rates, based on LiDAR acquired during air-borne inspections, in order to optimize maintenance processes and reduce the impact of this activity on the local biodiversity.



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