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Expo Florestal 2019

27 May 2019by admin

The 11th edition of EXPOFLORESTAL started on the 17th of May. Considered the biggest event of the Iberian Peninsula, dedicated to the forestry, agricultural and environmental industry, it is held every two years in the Industrial Zone of Albergaria-a-Velha.
The event, which this year had the motto “For a Living Forest”, featured workshops, seminars, conferences and demonstrations in real time, with the aim of disseminating the most current technological solutions, capturing the interest not only of the main decision makers in this segment, but of all the people who passed through the fair with curiosity in this area.
Albatroz Engenharia had this year its debut at EXPOFLORESTAL, having shared the stand with the company Harpia-Tech. For 3 days Albatroz presented for the first time to the market its latest system: OWL System – With an ergonomic and light design, is a multi-platform mission equipment that can provide LIDAR scanning digital output, video, inertial data and GPS location with a Wi-Fi and GSM connectivity. The system provides integrated services to collect communicate and analyse information in real time accessible by the operator using only a tablet.



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