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Dia da Albatroz

14 April 2020by admin

The 21st of February was a special day for all Albatrosses (Albatrozes in Portuguese), marking the 14th anniversary of the company. The place chosen to celebrate this special day Castelo Branco, where the new R&D pole is located.

The day began at 7:30am with the departure of the employees from Lisbon to the countryside of Portugal. The two-hour trip ended at the Ermida de Nossa Senhora de Mercoles, in the eastern part of the city. There the members of the company working in Castelo Branco waited for those from Lisbon to start a morning walk through the rural area of the city, which would culminate in the São Martinho Waterfall, a place of great natural beauty and one of the main attraction of the district.

Once the tour was over, the whole team proceeded to the Castelo Branco aerodrome where lunch took place. There, all Albatrosses had a chance to relax and hang out.
The afternoon was reserved for more activities: the administrator and co-founder of the company, Gomes-Mota, shared with the employees news and plans for the future; and further on took place the take-off of 3 UAV´s – 1 drone and 2 fixed wing aircrafts – modified and prepared to perform tasks inherent to the company’s activity.

For the end of the day was scheduled a visit to Albatroz Engineering’s new office, the ABZ3, located at Centro de Empresas Inovadoras of Castelo Branco, thus marking the end of a day filled of good spirits!



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