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Military Academy Day

15 January 2019by admin

Military Academy Day

On January 11th the Military Academy celebrated one more birthday (229 years). During the celebrations and activities that took place during the day we have highlighted the exhibition of the Center for Research, Development and Innovation of the Military Academy (Centro de Investigação, Desenvolvimento e Inovação da Academia Militar -CINAMIL).
During the exhibition, Albatroz Engenharia had the opportunity to present its project on: “3D Geographic Database Texturization”, in which it is intended to develop a three-dimensional geospatial data infrastructure that enables instruction and training on augmented virtual reality platforms, as close to reality as possible, through high accuracy digital terrain models. This infrastructure is based on 3D models created from the fusion of LiDAR and photogrammetric data (visible video), synchronized with georeferencing systems and will be implemented in the existing CINAMIL simulators.



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