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Design Organisation Approval EASA.21J.400

Albatroz Engenharia is a Design Organization Approval (DOA), recognized by EASA since February 2014 (EASA.21J.400). DOA main activity is focused on the certification of mission equipment attached to an STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) outside the helicopter. Our scope of work is related to the approval of minor changes, revision of AFM (Aircraft Flight Manual) and authorization to perform flight test activities when those are required to show compliance.

The company’s current objective is to enlarge its scope of work to fixed wings aircraft. DOA staff is experienced and trained to perform stress analysis either using FEM (finite element models) or hand stress calculation, electrical load analysis and cables design. All engineering design and analysis are made internally by DOA engineers.

Albatroz Engenharia has several agreements with POA (Production Organization Approval) and MOA (Maintenance Organization Approval) companies that allow the installation of our products in helicopters with EASA Form 1 certificate.

If you need to introduce minor changes on your helicopter, please contact Albatroz Engenharia. Although we work mainly with rotorcrafts, we can also conduct certification projects for fixed wings in cooperation with EASA.

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Engineering Services – Aeronautical Department

Our Aeronautical Department staff has experience in aircraft and helicopter changes with competences in structural areas and electrical avionics. The team is composed of several Aeronautical, Aerospace and Electrical Engineers specialised in aircraft changes. We support Albatroz Engenharia operations concerning the design and certification of airborne mission equipment as well as provide engineering and certification services to external companies.

Structural Design and Analysis

Structural Design and Analysis

Electrical Load Analysis and Electrical Design

Electrical Load Analysis and Electrical Design





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